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Ab Rocket Twister Twister in Pakistan

Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan is a wonderful home based ab exercising machine that helps you to maintain fitness, it not only just maintain fitness but also helps in maintaining abs in good shape.
Ab Rocket Twister machine gives you a flat stomach as it is an abdominal trainer itself, this machine has an amazing design, and its seat has rollers on its back that prevents you from neck and back pains.

How Does Ab Rocket Twister Work ?

Today fitness is not just losing weight but everyone needs or want good body posture or perfect abs, this machine is good for extending abs. This wonderful abdominal exercising machine has three different levels of resistance springs that take care of your back and allows you to exercise as per your ease and fitness.
Ab Rocket Twister machine practice all the important ab exercises including crunches, reverse crunches, half crunches, sit ups, it also provide you daily meal plan that helps you burn the extra fat in the body. Moreover it helps you in reducing the abdominal mass and daily exercise helps you losing excessive weight to stay fit and healthy.
The main reason behind laziness or why people do not achieve their goal is that people are not regular in exercise or avoid doing heavy exercise and the result is that they gain wait. Ab Rocket Twister is a machine that provides you three levels of easiness, so that everyone can do this exercise easily with regularity.

Ab Rocket Twister Machine Features

Ab Rocket Twister machine is designed like an abdominal chair to work on upper abs, lower abs, and obliques
Backrest has padded or flexible massage rollers that pivot with your body
Ab Rocket Twister machine is padded with swivel seat twists and turns that strengthen your lower abs
Its design has cushions support that massages your back while you exercise
Its weight is 7 Kg
Product Dimension is 41.4 x 35.1 x 24.6 cm.

Ab Rocket Twister Machine Benefits

Ab Rocket Twister provides an easy way to work out including crunches and other abs exercises without any physical pain.
Ab Rocket Twister helps in flattening stomach and toning the abdominal parts of your body.
It helps increase muscle power and increases the strength of abs.
The machine exercises your leg lifts, reverse crunches, knee lifts that gives your abdominal muscles great results.

Ab Twister Exercise Machine Price in Pakistan : 5000 PKR

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