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Durex Extended Pleasure condoms in Pakistan Delay Condoms For Men

Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms Price in Pakistan contraceptives contain a special fill-up – referred to as local anesthetic – within the condom that helps the person to delay climax and prolong excitement…for longer-lasting sex. The special approach we have a tendency to build Delay condoms Price in Pakistan means they smell higher, therefore, there aren’t any unpleasant distractions, you’ll be able to simply relax and enjoy.

Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms Benefits 

Quantity: 12 condoms
Enjoy long-lasting pleasure
Special lube that helps to delay the climax
Rubber latex condoms
Nominal width: 56mm
Containing Benzocaine 5%
Dermatologically and electronically tested

Work Function Of Durex Extended Pleasure

five. zero out of five stars Works great. So the manner these work, Each condom has a small quantity of numbing lube, simply sufficient to present you a numbing effect, however nevertheless preserve a few feeling to revel in yourself. … If one condom does not numb you sufficient to lengthen the fun, take it off and open up a brand new one for every other dose.


Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms Price In Pakistan incorporate special Performa lubricant (five percentage benzocaine) interior the condom to assist him ultimate longer. The precise way Durex makes their condoms approach their odor better, so there can be no ugly distractions – you may simply loosen up and enjoy.

How to use:

  1. Handle the condom carefully, because it will be broken by fingernails and sharp objects.
  2. With the roll outside, squeeze the mamilla and place the condom on the highest of the erect penis.
  3. Roll right down to its base.

Side Effects 

The lubricant on These condoms can purpose a rash, irritation, burning, or itching. Don’t get it for your eyes, and wash it off after use. If you enjoy irritation, forestall using Durex Extended Pleasure.

Durex Long Time Condoms Price in Pakistan PKR/-1500

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