Garlic Hip Enlargement Oil

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Balay Garlic Hip Enlargement Oil in Pakistan Lifting Essential Oil 3 Days Effective

1 Garlic Hip Enlargement Oil Price in Pakistan is effective essential oil for the natural herbals extract helping to tighten the buttocks to up.
2 reduce the black lines and keeping natural skin balance Hip Up
3 Made of natural. herbals vegetation extract to help you now no longer simplest growth your butt and hip length however additionally raise it rounded and really soft.


a manner to apply butt augmentation garlic oil1. use a warm towel to apply the hip for 1-2 mins.2. observe the product lightly on the buttock.three. one-hand massage to enhance the hip (every hands in flip, approximately 10 instances).four. every palms lifted the hip from the lowest up (approximately 10 times).five. alternate -hand massage (approximately 10 instances).6. -hand massage alternating with the fashioned hip (about 10 instances).7. arms simultaneously inward and upward raising the hip (about 10 times).

How do you use garlic Hip enlargement?

Apply oil on your hips, rubdown it. Use it every day earlier than going to mattress to get a firm, elastic and plump hipUse three bottles as a cycle, you may see the difference.

How To Use Garlic Hip Enlargement Oil?

1 Drop 3-5 drops in the palm.

2 polozhit palm underneath the buttocks, massaging up with force.

3 with outside flank to flank rub down and internal circle with force.

4 pri knocking vital to to press the buttocks, up and down, from outer to internal flank, please repeat 50 times

Balay Garlic Hip Enlargement Oil Price in Pakistan 1500/-PKR


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    I have Purchase Gali HIP Oil From Etsyonlineshop It was Original,Imported and Resultive Product.I have self Used and also Recommend You